Healthy Meals for Kids In Childcare

Two children enjoying a health mealPromoting health and nutrition is important when it comes to children in childcare. They need regular healthy meals, snacks and drinks and it’s vital that children in care are offered nutritious and delicious meals, whilst enjoying positive mealtime experiences.

Healthy meals for kids play an important role in the development of growing children, and in the development of future eating habits.

Menus need to meet a substantial amount of a child’s daily nutritional requirements from a variety of foods including vegetables, fruits, lean meat, fish, chicken, cereals, milks and cheeses. A range of textures and tastes suitable to the developmental stages of different age groups is also important.

All childcare services have a responsibility to promote good health and nutrition for children in their care. Unfortunately, research has shown that some children in care may not be getting enough of their important dietary nutrients.

This Is Where Moon and Spoon Can Help!

Cool chicken curry from Moon and SpoonWe specialise in providing balanced, nutritious and healthy meals for kids in childcare. We supply nurseries of every size all across the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. Our meals are healthy, tasty and encompass a wide range of ingredients to ensure that children’s taste buds are being developed and pallets nurtured so that real food becomes the norm for them as they develop.

Our mission is to make food better for kids and educate the world that it is possible to have healthy nutritious food that tastes good too! As an award-winning company, we work hard to provide nutritionally balanced meals for kids at affordable prices, making it easy for you to promote healthy eating and good food habits at an early age.

Healthy Meals for Kids Delivered to Your Door

Our handmade, freshly prepared meals use only the finest, locally sourced (where possible) ingredients. They are made in small batches and are then frozen to lock in nutrients, they are then delivered straight to your door in 100% recyclable containers (the foil tray is 100% recyclable and we are working on the film). All you have to do is serve the delicious food!

All of our customers are provided with a special Moon and Spoon freezer, making is extremely easy to just take out and cook what you need.

We pride ourselves in offering high quality and cost effective catering solutions.

Special Diets and Food Allergies

We also cater for children with allergies, intolerances and special dietary requirements, and all of our meals our prepared in a nut free environment.

Interested in providing healthy, nutritious food for children? Give us a call today!

Eat well, be happy and enjoy!

Tish x